Monday, November 15, 2010

FO - Regia Anklets!

I have just finished grafting the toe on the second sock and immediately proceeded to try them on and photograph them. I was able to get a full pair out of a 50g skein of sock yarn, which I am thrilled with.
I don't have much yarn left, but certainly enough that I can lengthen the cuff by a few rows. I only did 10 rows of rib before starting the heel flap, and I think I may prefer it to be just a little itty bit longer.
I still have another skein of this Regia colorway, and figure that one day I will make another pair of anklets with it. After knitting with it, I discovered that I love the blues and greens, but not too keen on the amount of grey and the yucky olive/khaki/ i don't know green that is in there. I don't think I would want to use this colorway for anything other than socks.

I am very pleased with how these socks turned out, and again I used a basic sock pattern that has become not only memorised, but guaranteed for a good fit. You can find the pattern I use here.
Clearly written, easy to follow and an excellent finished product!

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