Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Socks for Cycling

As odd as it sounds, I knit most of my socks on the exercise bike. I have to exercise, for health, to prevent restless legs and insomnia, and to lose weight (although that's not happening). No matter how much I try I never really find exercising fun. Going for a run on the treadmill listening to music can be fun, but I can't do it all the time. I get a sore toe joint which can be very painful. So I alternate with the bike.

But I hate sitting still, and that's what it feels like sometimes. My brain gets bored very easily. Sometimes I read, especially if I'm studying, but lately I have needed socks and they are so small that they don't get awkward when on the bike. Definately multi-tasking! Finishing a round usually means a change in tension of the bike, which is an excellent way to change the intensity throughout the workout. My only problem......using DPN's. I have to get hold of a couple of 2.25mm circulars I think.

I haven't run much during this last week as things have been kinda stressful and filled with change. All I have wanted to do is knit. So on the bike I go. But only socks. Too awkward with anything much bigger, or more complicated. But I need socks, and I'm loving how quick they are to knit, the satisfaction of a finished project and all the colors that the varigated socks yarn I own have. Thankfully my feet haven't itched for a while either, maybe they just needed to get used to the wool socks. And now I think they are.

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