Friday, November 19, 2010

End of an Era

Feeling a bit strange tonight, my partner has finished up work at a place he has worked for 7 years. He resigned to take a position which has a better chance of advancement in his career, also, many changes had occured where he was and he was feeling burned out. But now it is over. The company has played a big role in our lives, we have made friends, some that will fade but some that will remain so for years to come I hope. Reminicing of the work functions, Christmas parties, get togethers, all make it a bit sad. Although there are many things I did not like about his job, this is still a major change and will make a big impact on all our lives.

B will begin his new job in a few weeks, so it will be nice to have him home for a bit. Tonight he has gone out for "drinks with the boys from work" which I'm sure is code for "going to the strippers". So not happy about it but what can I do. At least he comes home to me and wants to marry me. Still think it's a bit distasteful, but I'll get over it.

We also have our daughter, C, starting a new school next year. She is quite excited about it, the school has better facilities, more teachers, impressive ground and an excellent reputation. C seems to understand that she will get a better education at this school as they have a much more intense classroom structure. And considering she is a very smart girl and demonstrating Grade 5 skills in Grade 3, she really needs the stimulation. She regularly complains of being bored at her current school.

Then N is starting kinder next year and my baby will truly be a little boy. I'm having trouble toilet training him at the moment, but I'm sure we'll get there by February. His speech is improving dramatically, and he is really into books at the moment. He knows his alphabet, can say it and identify all the letters, even spell his name. He can count to 20+ with a little bit of prompting, and can count backwards from 10. He needs the stimulation pre-school will provide him with.

But all this means that next year is a year for change, a year for learning and the beginning of another phase in all our lives. B has worked there for 7 years, C has attended her school for 4 years, and I've had N home for nearly 4 years. Next year I will have time to myself when I will hopefully study in between planning my wedding. The future looks bright and exciting, but there is a little sadness when an era of your life ends, I guess it's a little bittersweet.

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  1. It sounds very exciting with all the new things in your lives and I wish you all the best luck!

    Take good care of yourself!