Saturday, November 13, 2010

Toxic People

It seems pretty common sense to avoid people in your life who are toxic - who bring out the worst in you, make you feel bad about yourself and treat you like crap. But what the hell do you do when they are your sisters?

Both my sisters are becoming more toxic to me and my life. Every time they contact me all they have to say is crap. Insults, threats, blame - always the same shit, but sadly after 12 years of me moving out of home, I seriously doubt there is any chance of any chance of any relationship developing between us.

It is relatively easy with SG, she is in QLD, so I don't see her. She deleted me off facebook, and we don't really talk. I just get the occasional unexpected nasty sms from her that ruins my whole day. My new approach is to not respond, no matter how much I feel like going off tap at her.

SB is harder, as she is still staying here part time. Every time she is here I feel uncomfortable and want to be elsewhere, which is not how I think I should feel in my own home. Not to mention annoyed at her treating this house like a hotel. Even the dog doesn't like her.

In an ideal world I would be able to distance myself from my sisters so I could deal with my life without the toxicity they bring. I do love them, but as people, not so much.

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