Monday, November 1, 2010

Itchy Socks :(

It's so not fair! So many gorgeous sock yarns, so many gorgeous sock patterns and yet so far knitted socks just make me itch like crazy! Ok, so I have only tried Moda Vera Noir and Patonyle, but with the amount of effort put into a pair of socks, I'm reluctant to make more in case all that effort goes to waste. I have been thinking of trying a pure wool yarn, that is very very soft, like BWM Luxury. But I'm not sure. I know I definately need more socks though, and my feet are warmest in just itches!!!!! Maybe I have extra sensitive feet. Who knows. I also have some Reggia and some ZigZag, but I think I like the colors too much to risk them being unworn socks. Thinking about turning them into shawls or shawlettes.

Unfortunately I have tried various washing methods, drying methods, even washing luck I still itch! Will have to try to find a cure for this because I love wearing hand knit socks, I love the patterns of some of them, and I honestly don't want to miss out!

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